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Baculovirus-based insecticides - the Spodoptera exigua multiple nucleopolyhedrovirus (SeMNPV).

Research topics

  • Biological control of insect pests and vectors of medical importance.

  • Ecology of insect pathogenic viruses, especially baculoviruses and iridoviruses.

  • The use of insect viruses as biological insecticides and the biorational insecticide spinosad.

  • Interactions between biopesticides and other insect natural enemies.

  • The biology and ecology of insect natural enemies.


Trevor Williams homepage: biological insecticides, ecology of insect pathogenic viruses....

Bioassay of an invertebrate iridovirus (iridescent virus) in Galleria mellonella larvae.

Other activities

  • Ex-coordinator and current member of the study group on Iridoviridae for the International Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses (ICTV).

  • Sistema Nacional de Investigadores, Mexico (level III).

  • Fellow of the Royal Entomological Society, London.

  • Member of the Society for Invertebrate Pathology.



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February 2019


Valtierra-de-Luis, D., Villanueva, M., Caballero, J., Matas, I.M., Williams, T., Caballero, P. (2019) Quantification of dose-mortality responses in adult Diptera: validation using Ceratitis capitata and Drosophila suzukii responses to spinosad. PLoS One 14, e0210545.


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February 2019


Díaz-Fleischer, F., Arredondo, J., Lasa, R., Bonilla, C., Debernardi, D., Pérez-Staples, D. & Williams, T. (2019) Sickly sweet: insecticidal polyols induce lethal regurgitation in dipteran pests. Insects 10, 53.


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